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Facilities & Funding

Whatever size project your club wishes to embark upon, from a new set of posts to a new clubhouse, the EMRU Facilities & Funding Group is available and willing to offer its support from project inception to completion. We can help specifically with:

Project Planning & Funding

What will the project deliver and how long will it take? What grants/loans are most appropriate for your project? There may be other Local Authority grants available in your particular area. Most grants require a proportion of self-funding. Have you the match-funds available? How will you raise the short-fall? Do you require professional help? There are qualified people, e.g. Architects, who are available through the RFU. There are also RFU guidelines for changing rooms, etc. Does your project require Local Planning consent? This can take between 1 and 3 months to acquire. Can your club recover the VAT? Etc…..

Other Considerations/Conditions

EMRU and the majority of other funding sources will impose certain conditions before agreeing to fund your project. These may include: Providing a set of club accounts (up to 3 years). Proving security of tenure for the club/land that you own/lease. Proof of match-funding. Before and after photographs for the project. Copies of paid invoices.

For further information contact:
Ian Hamilton – Facilities & Funding Group Co-ordinator
01778 345858 or 07762 037158