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Reporting Hearings

  • When a Player is sent off this must be reported by the Club to the EMRU Discipline Secretary within 48 hours of the match finishing. 
  • Match Officials must ensure that the sending off report is emailed to the EMRU Discipline Secretary within 48 hours of the match finishing. The report will be emailed to the Club in order for them to hold their discipline hearing as soon as possible.
  • On completion of their hearing the Club will report their decision to the EMRU Discipline Secretary prior to the CB hearing using the Short Judgment Form (SJF). See completion details of SJF in section below. SJF can be found HERE.
  • As per regulations Age Grade Players (ie Under 18 and below), sent off in Age Grade matches are not required to attend CB Panel hearings. Their cases shall be heard within the Club by appropriate members, the outcome of which shall be sent to the Age Grade Secretary together with the judgement form, for him to approve the sanction. 
  • Any player sent off is not permitted to play again until their case has been heard by an EMRU CB or RFU Disciplinary panel. The hearing can be either in person or on papers in appropriate non serious foul play or abuse cases (for example two yellow cards).
  • Hearings are held as soon as is practicable after the incident, at the most by the Thursday within 2 weeks following the incident, to ensure no player is unduly punished by missing matches unnecessarily.
  • The time, date and venue will be notified after receipt of the Short Judgement Form following the Club’s hearing. 
  • Proposed dates for this coming season will be issued once RFU confirm when Community Rugby will commence.

All hearings scheduled to be held in the Larry Webb Room, Bedford Blues RFC, Goldington Road, Bedford MK40 3NF

Alternatively, they may be held in the EMRU Office, The Rugby House, Wellingborough School, Wellingborough NN8 2BX, or at another suitable venue.


  • Clubs are responsible for paying all costs charged against any person who appears in front of a panel arising from an incident. 
  • Costs will be invoiced by EMRU and must be paid within 14 days of invoice. Fees applicable for the current season are: 

SENIOR: Disciplinary hearings (in person/ on papers) £30. All Citings £125

For late notification an additional £20 fee is applied

AGE GRADE: Disciplinary hearings (in person/ on papers) £15. 

For late notification an additional £10 fee is applied


EMRU Adult Sanctions given (season to date)


Players and clubs have the right to appeal decisions of an EMRU panel by following the procedure set out in the current RFU rules and regulations, subject to a fee of £125.