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EMRU Disciplinary Procedures 2021/22

If a club, representative side, school, university or college have a player sent off* it is YOUR responsibility to report the dismissal to the EMRU Discipline Secretary by e-mail or phone (see contact details below) within 48 hoursof the offence. Details of the player’s Date of Birth AND his/her RFU ID number MUST be included, and whenever possible the match and match official’s details.

* to confirm that ALL dismissals by ANY referee at ALL levels (from Under 13s upward) MUST be reported in the first instance to the EMRU Discipline Secretary.

As per World Rugby Regulations: ‘Players Ordered-Off or Cited* by a Citing Commissioner shall be provisionally suspended pending the hearing of the case’ which means that no player can play until the case has been considered & dealt with by the CB Disciplinary Panel (EMRU).

* N.B. If a Club is considering making a Citing of an opposition player or club it is highly advisable to make contact with the Discipline Secretary for advice beforehand. Please note that any player cited via a Club may continue to play until that citing is heard by a CB and/or an RFU Panel.

The player’s club, representative side, school, university or college should carry out its own hearing with the player. The full Procedures and Sanctions to follow are in Regulation 19 in the RFU Handbook (or via the RFU website). Other relevant documents & procedures are in the Discipline section of the EMRU website. The Discipline Secretary should then be advised of the hearing outcome via a completed Short Judgment Form (see separate completion instructions for this). For further help and advice please contact the EMRU Discipline Secretary.

If the EMRU Panel deem the Club has applied the correct verdict/sanction, OR that the offence is of ‘a not very serious nature’ the Panel may decide the player does not need to appear at a hearing and that the decision can be confirmed in his/her absence. The offer to hear the case in the player’s absence does not preclude the player requesting to attend a Panel hearing in the usual way if he/she so wishes.

When a player appears at an EMRU disciplinary hearing at least one senior Club official should always accompany him/her. A player who appears at a hearing has the right to request the Match Official’s attendance – however any expenses incurred by the Match Official shall be met by the player or the Club. 

If a player does not request the referee to be present at the EMRU Panel Hearing it will be deemed to have accepted the referee’s report as an accurate account of the incident(s) and may therefore only plead mitigating circumstances for his/her actions.

A player or Club which fails to appear at a hearing without good cause or reason will be expected to pay the administration fee for the cancelled hearing and for the consequent meeting which has to be arranged to hear the case.

The administration fees for 2021-22 remain unchanged: Senior £30 and Age Grade (Under 18s and below) £15 per offence. Failure to report a sending off or other disciplinary offence within the time limit will result in the fee rising to £50.00 for Senior and £25 for Age Grade respectively.

All ADULT hearing decisions detailing the date, player’s name & club, offence, verdict & sanction will be posted on the EMRU Website within 72 hours of the hearing. This shall NOT include any personal details.

EMRU Disciplinary Committee 2021 – 22


Paul McGuckian

07904 371658    



Bish Seymour

19 Tanfield Lane, Northampton, NN1 5RN

07540 704936


Proposed Disciplinary Meeting Dates* – all Thursdays:

All hearings scheduled to be held in the Larry Webb Room,

Bedford Blues RFC, Goldington Road, Bedford MK40 3NF

                                           2021          2022

9 Sep06 Jan
23 Oct20 Jan
07 Oct03 Feb
21 Oct17 Feb
04 Nov03 Mar
18 Nov17 Mar
02 Dec31 Mar
16 Dec14 Apr
 28 Apr
 12 May
  26 May*

                      * if required

* Note: every effort shall be made by the Panel to ensure that all hearings are held within 14 days of the sending off in order that no player is unduly punished by missing matches unnecessarily.