East Midlands Rugby Union

Helping to promote, foster and develop the game of Rugby Union

About Us

This CB provides the link between the Sports Governing National body – the Rugby Football Union and the Clubs of East Midlands. East Midlands RFU ensures that there is proper governance, funding, discipline procedures, facilities planning, safeguarding, training and volunteering across the game in order to run and develop it.

Even more importantly, this role includes providing links with the clubs in relation to recruitment of players, variations of the game (7’s, 10’s O2 Touch), development of the women’s and girls’ game, and advice on a raft of issues including: 

  • The laws of the game
  • Discipline issues
  • Registration of players
  • Ground maintenance
  • Business partners
  • Relationships with the local community and authorities
  • And, vitally, communications.

Committee Structure